Saturday, October 4, 2008

A 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Well the big day is soon approaching. On October 18, 2008, exactly 50 years to the day that they got married, and exactly the same time, my parents will renew their wedding vows at a Catholic mass. Later that night we are planning a huge party with dinner, dancing, friends and family....and of course, a wedding cake. In my Stampin’ Up!® gallery, you can see the invitations for the event. It was also published in Just Invitations this past summer. 

This is a digital layout I did using their wedding portrait and a photo taken this summer in Orlando when we were celebrating my mom's special birthday (no, aint telling her age, but you'd be amazed!) I am hoping to be blessed with these same “young looking” genes.

I did some Photoshop tricks to give the wedding day photo a warm, peachy vintage feel. I used papers and digital goodies from, a great site for digital scrapbooking resources. If you are wanting to try out going digital, they are a great site to get you started. I do both...some traditional scrapbooking and some digital.

So in a couple weeks, our family will be headed back to Philly (where I grew up) for the big event! I can't wait to see my whole entire will be like another family reunion. I still am working on stuff for the party so I haven't been as active about posting. Sorry :D!

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Susan Stringfellow said...

oh good job! Its just beautiful. I am not quite ready to go digi, but you certainly tempt me.