Friday, April 23, 2010

This snake is cramping my style!

For those of you who don’t know this about me, I HATE SNAKES! My sister and I have had a big fear of snakes since we were little. I have gotten over my phobia a little and can tolerate worms and tiny snakes...under 12 inches. We have had to evict a couple of those from our lanai and garden, however, when they are as big around as a hose...I can’t handle that, even if they are good for the garden and non-venomous. Yesterday, on Earth Day, I was watering my garden and potted plants when I spotted this big black snake lying in the Plumbago bush under my daughter’s bedroom window. I was wanting to get the garden spiffed up for prom pics this weekend and this darn snake spoiled my plans. I squirted him with the hose and he quickly disappeared. The problem is...where did he go? I kept squirting the hose, but couldn't seem to chase him out of hiding so I went back out today, and guess where he is? On top of the next bush, sunning himself. So I sicked my husband on him, who said, “He looks friendly!” And I responded, “I don’t care, friendly or not, I hate snakes and want him out of there!” So he agreed to remove him, but when he got a couple inches away, the snake slithered away and Dan ended up with a handful of leaves, and still no snake! He observed the same thing. He seemed to have disappeared into thin air. I suspect he is hiding under the AC unit and of course that is where all the weeds are that I need to remove. GRRRR! Doesn't this snake know I have prom pictures to take and a garden to whip back in shape, and that my schedule can’t revolve around his tanning sessions!!! This snake is cramping my style!

I thought about what card to post. Right now I don't have any good flowery theme ones, but this skull and cross bones seems to fit. You know that I don’t REALLY want the snake dead, just sunbathing in someone else’s garden!

This features skull stamp & Cardstock from SU, embossed
background from Cuttlebug, Fiskars border and Uptown Houndstooth
Digital Paper from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff found at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Sale on MyGraficO

Happy Earth Day! Check out the 1 day sale at Eveything on the site is 15% off today only! Stock up on great artwork to use on your next creative project.

In honor of Earth, I created this Earthy Goodness layout of my daughter from our recent trip to Philadelphia. This layout shows how you can use digi stamps and clip art to create a digital scrapbook layout. Some of the items used in this layout are FREE downloads at Be sure to check out the sales and sign up in my ning network group. Keep an eye out for free downloads that I will be posting for my groupies!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sick to Death

Have you ever heard the expression, “I’m sick to death of something or another?” Well, today I am expressing that I AM SICK TO DEATH OF DEATH. Lately, it seems that no matter who I talk to there is nothing but doom and gloom, bad news, illness, depression and yes, death! Come on, it’s Spring and it is supposed to be a time of new life, happiness and bright skies. To tell you how bad it has gotten, my daughter’s hard drive died, my grandfather died, my nieces’ guinea pig died and on Sunday even my stinkin' cell phone died!!! So, today is a day of protest. I only wish to hear cheery news, think good, positive thoughts and will continue to pray that the clouds will soon pass and we will be surrounded by sunshine again. I am posting a card that makes me smile. It is a card I made for my niece a while back. I am, and always will be, a monkey lover so this happy card called, Juvenille Jungle brings a smile to my face. Hope it brightens your day, too! The set is a clear stamp set from Autumn Leaves called Mindy’s Zoo. It is designed by Mindy Terasawa...boy is she talented! The designs are adorable.