Friday, April 23, 2010

This snake is cramping my style!

For those of you who don’t know this about me, I HATE SNAKES! My sister and I have had a big fear of snakes since we were little. I have gotten over my phobia a little and can tolerate worms and tiny snakes...under 12 inches. We have had to evict a couple of those from our lanai and garden, however, when they are as big around as a hose...I can’t handle that, even if they are good for the garden and non-venomous. Yesterday, on Earth Day, I was watering my garden and potted plants when I spotted this big black snake lying in the Plumbago bush under my daughter’s bedroom window. I was wanting to get the garden spiffed up for prom pics this weekend and this darn snake spoiled my plans. I squirted him with the hose and he quickly disappeared. The problem is...where did he go? I kept squirting the hose, but couldn't seem to chase him out of hiding so I went back out today, and guess where he is? On top of the next bush, sunning himself. So I sicked my husband on him, who said, “He looks friendly!” And I responded, “I don’t care, friendly or not, I hate snakes and want him out of there!” So he agreed to remove him, but when he got a couple inches away, the snake slithered away and Dan ended up with a handful of leaves, and still no snake! He observed the same thing. He seemed to have disappeared into thin air. I suspect he is hiding under the AC unit and of course that is where all the weeds are that I need to remove. GRRRR! Doesn't this snake know I have prom pictures to take and a garden to whip back in shape, and that my schedule can’t revolve around his tanning sessions!!! This snake is cramping my style!

I thought about what card to post. Right now I don't have any good flowery theme ones, but this skull and cross bones seems to fit. You know that I don’t REALLY want the snake dead, just sunbathing in someone else’s garden!

This features skull stamp & Cardstock from SU, embossed
background from Cuttlebug, Fiskars border and Uptown Houndstooth
Digital Paper from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff found at


The KC Browns said...

I would want him dead!!! Good luck! Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

love the card, im not a big fan of snakes either! ewk!