Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leaps of Laughs - Froggies on the loose!

I was viewing some old photos this past week and was reminded of a few hysterical instances involving little frogs trapped in the screen of my office window. The first episode was a total family experience and resembled something out of an old t.v. sitcom. We were trying to put the frog in a small bucket to transport outside. We opened the window to trap him when he decided to take freedom into his own hands. The next thing we knew, he was leaping all over my studio and three of us were screaming while my husband was calmly trying to catch the frog. It was comical to say the least. That episode ended with the frog's sloooowwww motion leap right into my DH's hands. The frog got a hand cupped escort to safety in the garden out front. 

The second frog rescue involved my oldest daughter Ashley and I trying to trap a very non-colorful (half dead, I think!) frog into a small box. This was less eventful than our first episode, but in my efforts to put the frog on the ledge of our big water fountain out front (so he could revive with some water), I accidentally flipped him into the fountain. “Way to go, mom!” was all that Ashley could say.  I carefully rescued him from his back floating and placed him onto the ground. We never saw him again. I think he is hiding from us...some rescuers we turned out to be...nearly drowned the poor guy!!! LOL 

O.K., so by now you would think my days of frog rescuing would be over? But no, not yet! What can I say, I just can't stand to watch one of these poor creatures fry to a crisp trapped between the screen of my studio window in the scorching summer sun. This time, it was the day before our August vacation and I rescued frog number three with a lot less drama. Guess I am getting pretty good at this or maybe it’s just that the third time was a charm. Once again, Ashley helped me with the rescue mission. This little guy seemed to want to stick around our garden, so I grabbed my new camera to snap a few pictures. I was pretty pleased with the end result. Above, are the pictures of Froggy #3, the true known survivor of our good deeds!

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Susan Stringfellow said...

LOL!!!! ok you have to pull out that froggy stamp that you designed and make a layout