Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ashley’s Smilin' for Votes! She is Still a Finalist!!!

Well they experienced issues with the videos and views so everyone who submitted their digital pics and videos advances to the next round of the Wet Seal 2009 Model Search. Ashley finished in the top 30 videos so thanks for your hard work. To make it through the next round, they are only taking the top 25 vote getters, based on 1 vote per day, per email address. Voting ends April 26th.

Here is the link to
Wet Seal to cast your vote. There is one vote per day, per registered email. Please convince your friends and family to do this to help a sweet girl realize her dream. When I got the entry form it was two days before the contest ended and she was headed out of town for a weekend volleyball tournament. We didn't have time to take professional pics and most of the girls have modeling head shots. So, she really needs your help to advance to top 25. She was 27th in video views. You can continue to watch that, too, to help her out. It may make a difference in the finals! Here is a special thank you message from Ash...

"Thank you so much all of you who viewed my video!!! Modeling has always been a dream of mine and getting this far in the competition wouldn't have been possible without all of your help and support! This is such an amazing opportunity. Please help me continue on to the finals and make top 25! Thanks again!" — Ashley

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