Tuesday, September 1, 2009

45 Years Ago...

... a dark haired baby was born. Yes, I had lots and lots of hair and chubby cheeks ready for pinching. As you can see in this baby picture, I was a dreamer from the get go...always wondering what great things awaited in the distance. To this day, I still have that same hopefulness and continue to chase my dreams, living my life creatively and feeling blessed by the experiences God has provided me with so far.

In honor of my birthday, I will be posting my first blog candy later today. So check back for more details and to see what goodies you can win. 

Hope you have a HAPPY day, too! Mine will be spent creating and cheering on my lil' Wildcat volley girls at their first game of the season.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!!! Hope you have a great day!

Susan Stringfellow said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Cheri,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

LOL! Just be happy you didn't have to actually hear me sing it! Look at your cute little self! so cute. Now I see where the girls get their hair. I hope you have a fantastic day, you totally deserve it! Huge hugs!

clare said...

happy birthday hun xx
hope you had a lovely day
hugs clare xx

and what a little cutie..look at all that hair.TFS

BethBlancDesigns said...

Wow Cheri, I've never seen any of your baby Pix. Kylie looked just like you when she was a baby. And you both had a head full of hair! :)

Cheri W said...

I think it is the nose that makes us look alike, and having had lots of dark hair, only she had a wide round face and I had the tad pole cheeks. he he