Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pain is temporary; Pride is Forever

If you got to experience the pain and suffering of a torturous 2009 volleyball season, then you could begin to appreciate the joy going into this season. It started with new coaching, a new training philosophy, summer camps and open gym followed by a new excitement for the program...something that Ashley has looked forward to for her senior year of volleyball.

Varsity tryouts were the first day of school. Both girls made it, but Kylie was given the choice to be part of the varsity team and sit out a bit more or be J.V. captain and give leadership and experience to the J.V. squad. She chose the latter and is making us proud by showing her enthusiasm for her team and desire to assist coach Dave with whatever is needed. I am team mom for J.V. which is something new. We are looking forward to a great season and doing some fun team bonding activities.

Ashley reassumed her spot on the varsity starting line up and was appointed team captain by the coach due to her experience and leadership abilities. We are so proud of her. What an honor for her last year playing volleyball for West Shore. And man, did she play her heart out at last night's scrimmage game! It is really great to see her playing so confidently and for all the coaching to fall into place for the team. They won big over Eau Gallie proving that West Shore girls are not only smart in the classroom, but also on the courts. Everyone played great. And wow, did her friend Lindsay have a wonderful first game experience blocking and hitting like a veteran player! You would never have known she was a rookie! All the girls served so well and did not let the taunting of fans interfere with their concentration. Lots to celebrate already!!!

I mentioned on my facebook page the slogan in my post...Pain is temporary; Pride is Forever. I saw it on a guys t-shirt while walking this Saturday with Bella. It stuck with me because the girls’ school is often thought of as where the smart kids go or the nerdy school, not really being known for their athleticism. The coaches so wanted to focus on executing the drills and instilling school pride, and it was so great to see all the pain, sweat and effort culminate into real results...a WIN! It unfortunately doesn’t count on the record books, but in the esteem department the pride of that victory will last well beyond the season!
Go Wildcats! Remember...Dig Deep! Play Smart! Win Big!


Lindsay Weirich said...

wow Cheri, you must be so proud! Congrats to Ashley and her team, go Wildcats!

Diana said...

Thanks so much for sharing! And for your kind comments on my blog!