Monday, April 18, 2011

Project 365 - Days 88-97 The Creative Life Continues

After an exhausting prom weekend, I headed to bed early for much needed rest. 
Now, I am ready to share with you some more catching up on project 365 - daily creativity!

Day 88 - Volleyball Tournament Photos

Day 89 - College Memories Box
You may remember the keepsake box I made for Kylie to store momentos from her relationship with her boyfriend. I didn’t want Ashley to feel left out, so I made her a College Memories Box to store letters we send her and other favorite keepsakes from her college years at FAU. I found the box at Marshalls and decorated it to personalize it for her. It coordinates with the comforter set we bought for her dorm room.

Day 90 - Crosses for New Digi Set

I am working on a religious themed set with crosses and words for Religious events and holidays.
Here are a couple elements from that I just finished.

Day 91- Dishwasher Magnet Design Team Project for Glue Arts

You can check out a supply list, complete project instructions with additional photos on the Glue Arts blog. Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to view the project.

Day 92 - Stained Glass Cross Art
Working on my last graphic to finish up my Faith Filled Set!

Day 93 - Faith Filled Set Completed!

With Kylie's Confirmation coming up, I got busy completing this set so I could use some of my own digi art for making cards and gifts for my small Confirmation group and Kylie’s friends.

Day 94 - Photos of the Merc

My husband’s uncle surprised us with a visit. He brought down his classic custom build 49 Mercury so to leave behind for Ashley to use for Prom and for us to enjoy for a while. I took a few pictures of it to share with everyone. It is such a cool car and I just love the paint job.

Day 95 - Eggs to go...

...actually, to go along with the Bunnies and banners that I created earlier. 
All for a new set that I am working on called Bunny Hugs n’ Wishes.
These eps and png files with solid underlayers allow them to be grouped and layered
any way you wish. They are also easy to edit and change out the colors.

Day 96- Confirmation Card

Here is a hybrid card created in Photoshop using a white brush and the stained glass cross art done ealier this week with airbrushed colors on a separate layer below. I then used a mask to contain those colors to display just behind the art. I printed out the art, mounted on card fronts and added a simple bow to each.
The verse and screened, decorative stem flourish are also from my new Faith Filled set.

Day 97 - Flower Illustrations

Spring is here and beautiful flowers inspire me so I wanted to create a set of pretty inked flowers...very clean line with beautiful details. Here are the first two sketches.

I haven’t shared many cards lately, but for you card enthusiasts, just wait for my next group of posts.
Day 98 holds a new set design that has brought about an Easter cardmaking frenzy. I am having such a blast working with my latest digi set. And for you photo enthusiasts, I have more photos to share as well.
Have a week filled with Living your Life Creatively!

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