Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project 365 - Days 116-124 A Springboard for Creativity

Yes, I know, I know, it is about time that I start catching you up on my project-a-day creations. Considering that I am up to day 174, I have a lot of updating to do. Some days it is photography, others it is sketching or art for new digi designs and on the really fun days it involves making projects!!!
Here is the first round. Hold onto your seats cause there is a lot of creating going on!!!

Day 116 - Flower Petal art for new set

Day 117 - Floral Silhouettes for future set

Day 118 - Mod Linear Florals (brush & art for creating sets)

Day 119 - ML Fruity Florals Set

Day 120 - Mod Linear Fruity Florals Invitation Sample

Day 121 - Gardenia Line Art for set

Day 122 - Pic a Year Photos for Kylie's Birthday

I put together photos of Kylie from 3 mos. to sweet 16 as a countdown to her birthday. I posted these on her facebook page from when she was little to present. Here is a slideshow of the images:

Day 123 - Gardenia Digi Stamp Set & Samples

Day 124 - Princess Grad Elements for future set
There is more creativity to check back often!

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Unknown said...

Good evening, I was wondering if you could contact me regarding the gardenia clipart. I wanted to know if it was available for commercial use, or personal use if at all. I tried to go thru the link to purchase but there was a 404 error. Thank you in advance. Please contact me directly at if you could please. Have a great day.