Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Clip Art makes Holiday Card Creating a Snap!

For years I have spent endless hours stamping lovely Christmas cards to send our friends and family. Even when I get an early start to the process, it seems that I am lucky to get them in the mail the week before Christmas. My husband always asks why we don't just do like everyone else and get photo cards made and “be done with it,”  but it is hard for him to understand the dreaded workings of a creative mind. Not to mention the thrill of accomplishing something beautiful that you can take ownership of! Well, this year, I may just have found my compromise...designing our own photo card. With two fun,  new Christmas sets of clip art, I have already designed a couple potential cards. And to fill my stamping void, I may save that for making some amazing handcrafted gifts. See what you think of these ideas. I am also including a couple that are non-photo cards.

These are ideas crafted using clip art from my 
Simply Christmas

Here are some samples created from The More the Merrier set:

And some inspiration from my latest set, Mod Trimmings!
(I am working on some hybrid samples, combining digital & traditional 
cardmaking techniques, so be sure to check back for more ideas inspired by this set!)

Hope you have gotten your daily dose of inspiration to get those Christmas projects under way.
Right now, I have 40% off on all my digital designs, from Nov. 16 - midnight on the 19th. Gobble up these sets to make your holiday card creations easier than ever!

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