Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Photo-Texture-Word Art

The combination of three things...a photo, a texture and some inspiring words, can bring about new art.

I started with a photo of some clouds that I had taken on my iPhone that I later edited in Snapseed...

Image © 2013 Cheri Wenger Design Photography

Next I overlayed one of Kim Klassen’s “just a touch” textures found here.

Original Image © 2014 Kim Klassen (This is just a screenshot to reference 
the image. Go to the link above to download the texture and to register 
to receive other textures created by the talented Kim Klassen.)

Recipe: Used kk_just a touch2 texture with linear burn overlay at 78% opacity on a layer stacked above my cloud image, shown above to get the blending of image with texture.

Final step in Photoshop was adding some words in assorted sizes and colors on separate layers in Photoshop. These have to be stacked on top of the texture and photo layers so that they are visible.
It is always good to save your layered Photoshop file for future editing before flattening and saving your composited final image as jpg, tiff or other file format for sharing.

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