Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Taking a Day Off - but not without my camera!

Last week all the Philly family visited Orlando for another "family reunion" of sorts. These reunions gather all the cousins and their families along with my aunt and my parents for the usual kabitzing and some silly fun. One wonderful thing is that our family continues to have such a close relationship with one another. We grew up living down the block from my cousins (3 boys) so they were like brothers to my sister and me. Last Tuesday, we all went to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios for a full day of fun, rides and nonsense. It was a nice break and I loved the picture taking opportunity. I think my shorts are just now drying out from Popeye’s Barge and the deluge of water that fell in my lap before we even were two feet away from the loading dock. Although our group didn't stop to play in the Seuss section, I snapped plenty of photos of the colorful shops and attractions. My cousin’s wife, Kathy, loved playing with my Canon XSI and snapped this photo of us. I predict she will soon own an SLR. She was having way to much fun with the camera.

My girls reminded me that 5 weeks of their summer break have already passed. How can that be? Ashley goes for her driver’s permit test today. Ohhh, the fun is just beginning for the Wenger household!

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Susan Stringfellow said...

oh wow - this photo is fantastic! Its hard to believe you could get wetter than you got on Splash Mt! LOL!!!