Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day - what this season really is about

Today there will only be an inspirational post — a story I have to share that has summed up the spirit of the Christmas season for me. It begins with a part time job that I started at the mall. I was assisting customers and tried to make my way over to this man who had a question. I apologized for the delay and he commented that he knew how it goes this time of year in retail— he had just gotten off work at Walmart. He wanted to find this lotion for his wife that she requested for Christmas, but we were sold out of it. The only thing I had left in that scent was a gift basket with some body spray, body wash, a body buff and some minty scrub. It was the only one left in the store and on sale for 50% off...a bargain at around $16. The man stood there perplexed pondering the decision. I thought it would be a pretty easy choice and a great price. I went on to help other customers and hadn’t noticed where the young man disappeared to until I felt a tap on my shoulder as he was leaving the store. Beaming with a smile, he opened his shopping bag to show me the contents. He proudly commented on his way out, “I splurged!” My heart immediately swelled as did my eyes with tears. It was at that moment, that I realized what the true spirit of Christmas was really about...a selfless gift of love that was truly a sacrifice. For this man, it meant splurging his last dollars on a gift for someone he really cared about. For God, it was sending us his son on Christmas day knowing that he would give up his life for us. I wish you and your family a blessed and wonderful Christmas Day!

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