Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dipped in happiness

As I approach tomorrow's surgery, I tried to think of a project that fits my mindset at the moment and this “Dipped in Happiness” card seemed so appropriate. Come on now, my fellow perimenopausal sisters, who has the willpower to resist anything chocolate? Now, I am not fan of eating chocolate covered strawberries, but boy do they look and smell yummy. It is a sensory delight! 

This card sample, featuring the Tart & Tangy and Warm Words stamp sets from Stampin’ Up! along with Bella Rose Designer Papers & Crystal Effects, represents the mindset I have adopted for tomorrow. So as I slowly drift off into the la la land of anesthesia, I am going to imagine that I am dipped in happiness for all the wonderful things in my life, such as a wonderful, caring family, two talented and beautiful daughters, a hunky husband (even though the girls and I give him grief about his grey hair), so many amazing friendships, a lifetime filled with challenges, creative possibilities, countless, scrap-worthy memories and too many blessings to count. So maybe it is not what you would expect to hear from a gal facing surgery, but I have always approach life with a creative and  unique way of thinking. Hope your day is dipped in happiness, too!

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