Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who Says Dogs Aren't Manipulative?

I beg to differ with those dog trainers who say that dogs don't know spite and don't feel emotions like we do. And our Wheaton Terrier proves my point daily. Bella is as high strung and emotional as any of my teen girls. She whines when I am taking too long to get ready for a walk, pitches a fit when we are getting ready to leave, smiles when she knows a treat is coming her way and plays the funniest game of I love mommy best with my daughter Ashley, who loves Bella dearly.

It starts like this...Ashley wants Bella to come snuggle with her on the couch or wants to snatch her up to bring her in her bedroom. Only Bella has always been a dog to give affection on her terms, and watching the game is quite amusing. Ashley will call her over and Bella will leap over three people and sit practically on top of me, as if to say "protect me mommy — don't make her take me!" This often becomes a cat and mouse game with the two of them and Bella being held against her will with a look on her face of resentment. All in all, when Ashley isn't around she sometimes goes in her room and lies on her bed or looks for her. She is always ready with kisses, but no matter how hard Ashley tries, Bella wants control of the relationship and her affection. Ashley gets frustrated at times, but I have to find it humorous that they act more like siblings than a dog and a girl.

Layout notes: I cut up parts of a predesigned layout by Bisou Bzoo to create my own layout. For adhesive I used Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro with High Tac adhesive, Stampin' Up dimensionals and 2-way glue. The tiny flower and star punches were from Michaels dollar bins, purchased a while ago. The dog chipboard tags are Marcella K found at Target and I also used K& Company Carolyn Gavin Grand Adhesions stickers for the adorable You & Me heart. To personalize the journaling I added some hand doodling that I colored in with markers. Also included were some assorted ribbons in coordinating colors. Thanks for viewing!

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