Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 years, 220 Posts, 1 Great Experience!

I just looked back to see how long it is has been since I started blogging. It was 2 years in June, and my how that time has flown by! In my years as a graphic designer I have seen changes in computers, technology, software, trends and it has been such an amazing journey. When I started my own design biz, I was simply thrilled to have a little Mac Plus computer that I could do my own typesetting on. Yes, that was in the days of paste up, where every add, logo and brochure had to be pasted up...mechanically. Each title cut out and glued onto a mechanical board and the colors had to be all cut out of rubylith or amberlith with an Xacto knife by hand!

Then came all the software and possibilites with Adobe leading the way. Designers could actually see how the designs would look using certain colors. This opened up the windows to new creativity. We could see the designs before they were printed! But then, suddenly software got all technical, and I suddenly went from being a creative type to having to know how to do pre-press art and set up. Thank God those days are gone...not fun, let me tell you! Laptops showed up giving me design capabilities on the go! The internet lent a wealth of resources, too!

Now the digital revolution has appeared on the horizon and technology continues to advance along with the software posing a need for more RAM and storage space...internal and external hard drives. Photoshop and phtooshop brushes add new life to images and art. Sites like Picnik offer special effects at your fingertips. Uploading, downloading, social media and networking are necessary parts of a designer’s life.

Today, I share with you a scrapbook layout that I did totally digital. It is a faux magazine cover featuring a few photos of Kylie from this summer. Dan commented on how the one picture looked like it could be on a magazine cover...and so the inspiration was born! You see in our house, you have to be careful what you SAY and what you DO. It may just end up on a scrapbook page! LOL

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Ree Nathan said...

Wow! This really works! You should be designing magazine covers and fashion layouts! (Of course you have great material with which to work!!!!)