Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is special about this Cinco de Mayo?

Let me tell you...It is our youngest child’s 16th birthday today...Yup, Kylie is sweet 16! Tomorrow we go for her driver's license. Today is also the day I cut off my long hair to raise money for EE and to donate the hair to Locks of Love. 1:30 is my appt. time! Wish me luck! Another fantastic thing about today is that mygrafico is having a 1-day sale. That means you can save big on all the sets in my shop! 40% off...Ole!!!


Diana said...

WOW, love your blog and your art. Always love coming for a visit!

Cheri W said...

Thanks, Diana! Have major catching up to do on my posts. Likewise. Your photography gives me such inspiration as do your cards!