Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Must-Have Set of Digi Frame Overlays/Art

   Check out this great new set of digi frames I just released at my shop at! Use these greyscale frames by themselves or pair with patterned or colored papers to create lots of cool vintage looking frames. Add effects to create an embossed or engraved look of this beautiful hand-drawn flourish frame. A super tool if you are a scrapbooker, artist or photographer. The files are 8" x 10" with an approx. 4 x 6" window opening. They come with transparent windows and backgrounds so these are easy to place right over your photo. You can shrink the art to under 7" create your own brush file to color as you please and use at smaller sizes. All four files for just $3.50! Follow this link to purchase now at my digi shop! I will be creating a tutorial soon to show you how easy it is to add colors, patterned papers and your art or photos to these. So check back soon!

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Diana said...

WOW, just fantastic Cheri. I really want to chat with you about all your digi images. Would love to help you pass along the word about your art. Give me a buzz.