Thursday, July 7, 2011

Project 365 Challenge - Days 136 - 146

Photos, Cards & Sketches ...these are just some of what I accomplished during days 136 - 146 of my Project 365 challenge. Some days are filled with multiple projects, others creativity is invaded by life. Here is an update of what happened, creatively speaking, between May 15 and May 25th.

Day 136 - Pictures with Family
Leading up to graduation, we were lucky enough to have her grandparents in town to celebrate with us Ashley's Baccalaureate mass. And I got to get a rare photo since someone else took some photos of us. This time, Dan unfortunately was left out of the photos since we were pushed for time.

Day 137 - Endeavor Launch Photos
Fortunately our house faces the right direction for watching the shuttle from right outside our front door. We can look over our neighbors roof once we hear the countdown on t.v. and watch to see it lift off. My favorite shuttle launch was on the 4th of July where we watched from a point on the beach.

Day 138 - Mod Linear Florals Collection & Project Sample
It is time to switch back to my design hat. I just love this new Mod Linear Florals collection!
Combine the shadows and linear overlays to create lots of fun, contemporary flowers.

Here is a digital card created using art created from this set.
A colorful sweet 16 card to have on hand for one of my daughter's friends who will be turning 16!

Day 139 - 12 x 12 MLF Paper Design (with copyright)
This is a digital paper design created using the Mod Linear Florals set.
You just may be seeing this in a new set in the future!

Day 140 - Graduation Photos
Ashley’s graduation brought our family to town for the special event, allowing for plenty of great photo opportunities starting with a celebratory dinner and the graduation ceremony.

Day 141 - Princess Grad Cards

Framed Grad Princess hybrid card created with art from my Grad Princess collection

Princess Grad Bling hybrid card using similar art printout created using this same set.

For those of you who don't know what a hybrid card is, it is one created using traditional and digital techniques. In this case, the art was created on computer, printed out, mounted onto cardstock with layers, embellishments and bling added to complete the finished cards.

Day 142 - Birthday Party Pics
While family was in town we celebrated a belated Sweet 16th birthday for our other daughter, Kylie. It was a fun event with a giant water slide. Great fun was had by all who ventured down the steep slide.
Here are a few of our candid photos.

Day 143 - More Princess Grad Cards

Girly Grad Hybrid Card
A simple pink and black theme. The circle graphic was printed and layered with punched CS and the cap with tassel is matted as the focal point. For a little sparkle, the verse was embossed in silver. I used the artwork from my Grad Princess collection.

Pop Princess Hybrid Card
Yes, you can tell there is a lot of grad action in this house. I have been busy making graduation cards for Ashley and her friends. For this design, I created a patterned design to print and mount on the left side of this card and matted the tiara on black as the main design element. The Grad Princess art was used as my verse on the card front. It is easy to print out multiple graphics and store in a folder for making cards on demand when you need them in a hurry. And as you can see, without even changing the colors, there are so many possibilities for creating different card designs. Scaling art allows you to be even more creative.

Day 144 - Wildcat Graduation Card Idea
Blue and silver was the theme for this card done in school colors. A pawprint wheeled stamp was used to create a pattern on the background. I drug the edges of the lighter blue cardstock over a versamark pad before pouring silver embossing powder on top. This creates a shimmery edge and makes it pop off the background. Also did the verse in silver emboss and finished with a silvery ribbon.

Day 145 - Rose Sketch for future set
Many of my illustrations and digi art collections begin in the form of a pencil sketch.
I started sketched this rose while waiting for Kylie to take her speak with a counselor about taking dual enrollment classes while in high school next fall. She will split her time between community college and high school. Now we have to look for a car so she can drive to both. Anyone need to hire a graphic designer or illustrator? I am for hire!!!

Day 146 - Joe & Ashley at the Beach
It was the perfect day of sunshine at the beach. Ashley and her boyfriend, Joe were full of smiles and surprises. Joe entertained us with his skimming and backflipping skills.

and this ends this session of Project 365 creative inspiration!

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