Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Photo Art Creation from Cheri Wenger Design Photography

As I am getting things kicked into full swing with the photography end of my business, I am loving all the possibilities there are in combining all of my creative worlds together. Here is an example of some photo art titled “Contemplating” which was created using my photograph combined with Kim Klassen’s “little things” texture...part of her Texture Tuesday challenge for this upcoming week. You can check out Texture Tuesdays here...


Curious about the two images used to create this photo art? Let me give you a peek at those files so you can comment about the final art.

I started with this image that I took recently at a nearby park on a windy spring day.

Next I worked in photoshop overlaying Kim Classen’s Little Things  texture with a style effect...

I merged the images (note that I always keep a copy of the layered elements should I want to edit anything) and used assorted grunge and distressing brushes to create the photo edging. And the final result is this photo art. Be sure to check out my post on Kim's texture tuesday challenge.

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More to come on my new photography website.

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