Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Beauty of Textures

This is another photo art creation using photos taken of a bouquet of carnations. I merely wanted to take a picture of them to preserve their beauty so my daughter could remember that Valentine’s day gift. I couldn’t photograph them indoors because the lighting just wasn’t right, but when I simply placed them out on the table on our lanai, magic happened. I was able to photograph them like a painting and convey the beauty that my eyes were seeing. However, in adding Kim Klassen’s textures to the image, really turned this piece into art. 

Beauty Fades
© 2012 Cheri Wenger Design Photography
Photo art featuring textures by Kim Klassen.

To see the evolution, you must see the original photo. 

It has a warmth to it, but I love the vintage look of the finished art 
achieved by adding Kim’s Just Blush texture plus some of my own textures 
and quote to it! Check out Texture Tuesdays challenges with Kim. This is her justblush texture:

Here are the two of my own photo textures that I applied to the image that helped to add that dreamy, watercolor look to the image. For those of you not familiar with photoshop, you can layer photos, textures, text and color over photos in varying opacities with different layer style choices to achieve very dramatic or very subtle effects.

The two photo images above were photos taken of the glass block window in our master bath. The third image, below, was a closeup taken of our textured wall. So you see, creativity exists all around us, just waiting to be used and appreciated! 

In the first image, I changed the hue to a sepia tone look. It includes wispy textures from the floral arrangement that sits on the ledge.These are all colored textures, however you can use b&w textures/photos to create effects. Don’t be afraid to experiment & live life creatively!

Here’s a peek at my layers palette in photoshop so you can see the order of the layers used. 


Unknown said...

So beautiful pastel colored picture.

Cheri W said...

Thanks, Henrietta! I appreciate your comment.

LeAnne said...

Wonderful image and colors. This would be a great addition to our flower art gallery here http://www.photosbyleanne.net/2012/06/flower-art-friday-10-june-29-2012.html Would love to see you there!

Diana said...

beautiful, Cheri! Your art is just FANTASTIC! Love Kim's textures!

Cheri W said...

Thanks LeAnne and Diana. I will be sure to check out that flower gallery. :)