Monday, August 10, 2009

Days Like This!

Yesterday gave reason to why we love living in Florida. It was a hot summer day that was perfection by my beach standards. The breeze was blowing off the ocean, the water was refreshing, but not too chilly, and the waves made it fun to play and pretend that we were 15 again! Dan played volleyball with the kids and their friends while I soaked up the words in a fresh issue of O magazine along with some rays. I promised to never takes days like this for granted ever!

Now, we were refreshed and energized for the first day of school today...well, almost everyone....

Bella is a bit sad to see the girls leave and go back to the school routine again. For my youngest, it marks the first day of high school. Oh my, it just can't be true when I remember those days just like they were yesterday. And did I mention that Ashley, our junior, was driving her sister and friend Courtney to school? There they go!  

Our new routine will be full of volleyball practices and games for the next few months. I am already counting the minutes until they get home ’cause no matter how old they are, I still can't wait to hear all about their first day of school!

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Anonymous said...

i live in florida and hardly go to the beach! Im sure the girls must be excited for school, love the car picture too!