Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project 365 Personal Challenge

During one of the segments of our whirlwind trip to Georgia that to truly live life creatively, I needed to do a little experiment. You see, I get such a thrill when I am using my mind creatively. It lifts my spirit, boosts my energy and makes me feel like I can tackle anything. So why not want feel like that all year long? This is why I created my Project 365 Personal Challenge to allow myself to experience a little piece of that in each day of the new year.

Are you maybe thinking of joining in on this challenge? I really hope so! Hang in there with me and let's give this a try. The project doesn't even have to be something can even be a tag or a small element that will later be incorporated into a bigger project. So don't be intimidated!!!

So what exactly does this involve? For me, it will be doing something creative each day, i.e. making a card, gift, scrapbook page, designing a new set or elements of a set — anything other than a customer’s project or work assignment...something that fills my jar back up! Now I know your mind may already have thought of two or three reasons that this isn’t possible to do each and every day, but it is, if you get a little bit creative! You know most of us crafters are night owls, so if you stay up late and get on a roll, you can knock out two projects in one session! Say you’re sick and not feeling up to something big, doodle or write about how you are feeling, crumble up the paper and tack it up as a reminder of how much better you feel the next day. On a family vacation and don't have your computer, drawing or crafting supplies with you? This happened to me on our recent trip. I had all this creative energy and no where to put it...not a notepad or marker to be found in the dark abyss of my purse, so I grabbed one of the magazines I brought along and started doodling in ballpoint pen on the pages. I threw perfection out the window with each bump in the road and I will be turning these creations into a new set or two! Another idea while traveling is to take out your camera and shoot a picture from an interesting perspective or from a view that you don't even see what it is you're photographing, but the color and texture becomes art. You see, it is possible, so come join me as I will post the results of my Project 365 Personal Challenge here on my blog! Comment on my blog and leave me a link back to yours. I would love to see how you live life creatively!

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Susan Stringfellow said...

ok I cant document daily and at first I am not even sure I can create daily but I am going to make an effort to try and work on a page every day, possibly not finish one, but you know what I mean. I am very behind so I have to get the creativity flowing again. So yes, for me its layouts and sketches. I am so glad that you are doing this. I hope you get to share what you are doing more often too. :)