Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365 Challenge: Day 1/A Scrapbook Layout

So day one didn't go exactly how I was thinking. The day sort of slipped away when I slid into my studio after watching a movie with Dan and Ashley. I threw caution to the wind, starting cutting up some leftover papers into 1 inch squares and grabbed a mini pack of tag papers I picked up in the dollar bin at Joann's and started roughing out a scrapbook layout. I flipped through some prints to match up photos to my papers and surprised myself by successfully completing my first project in under 2 hours. I really didn't keep track of time so it may have been closer to an hour and 15! I will tell you what, there is great freedom in taking a carefree, trial and error attitude. I placed the papers in a pattern, then decided I wanted to do a scribble design near the bottom which was a total FAILURE, but I was able to cover it with a photo. So, I encourage trying things and taking risks in the new year cause most of the time there is a creative fix if it doesn't turn out like you were thinking.

Here are some photos of the layout with close up images of the title and embellishments.

I also completed my day 2 project, a card made with some of the leftover squares from the layout. That is another suggestion I have for making the 365 day challenge a little easier...use leftovers from previous days' projects or if you are short on time, just create a small element that can be used on a bigger project later.

After flipping through an old scrapbook with a friend the other day, I realized how way behind I am on my scrapbooking and I will say that day 1 made me very happy giving me a big sense of accomplishment towards one day being all caught up on my scrapbook layouts. LOL, like that day will ever happen. I have creativity dyslexia so I doubt I will ever be truly caught up.


Julie said...

Great scrapbook page! Love the little squares and the fun colors. I admire you doing the Project 365 challenge!

Cheri W said...

Thanks for the encouragement and support, Julie! I am really excited about the challenge knowing that the benefits include me completing more scrapbook pages than ever and having lots of cards on hand for those birthdays that tend to creep up on me!