Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project 365 Challenge: Day 3/Photography Logo & Album

If you know me you know I am one to never tread lightly into a project. I go in enthusiastically and take on big challenges. Ask my husband about the tile design in the basement of our former house...a weekend do-it-yourself project that I thought may end in divorce. It was our first experience at laying and cutting tile, the room was 14 x 20 something (not a small area) and I designed a border design with inner tile being laid as a diamond pattern. Let's just say I compromised on just having a border which to center in the room was a big enough first time challenge. The end result was gorgeous and after nursing sore backs and achey knees, we decided we would probably hire someone to do it the next time around.

For day three's challenge, I revisited photos that I had taken last year during our visit to Philly in the midst of the big snowstorm of 2009. I had the unique experience to sneak out early in the morning with my camera and photograph many cool snowy scenes. I have been wanting to share these beautiful images with everyone, but needed to do some photo editing. So that is what I did for day 3, however, it evolved into a much bigger project you see. Now I had to design a watermark logo for my photography, resize and watermark all the files! You see the snowball effect of that this gal’s ambition can have!

Unfortunately, I don’t have all the images watermarked, but I do have a logo design I can share. 

I promise to share the album as soon as I have it web-ready! 
I will give you one little sneak peak at what is in the album.

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