Friday, February 18, 2011

Project 365 Challenge/Days 45-47 Photos & Flowery Sympathy

Some more daily doses of inspiration... I am getting caught up on photographing and posting some of my daily project challenges. Day 45 was a struggle in trying to get good digital photos at a volleyball tournament with very low lighting and no tripod or use of my flash. I just eye spied in a magazine a new gizmo...a tripod that fits onto a water bottle. That may just be an investment for an upcoming tournament. So, as it sometimes take a whole lotta shots just to get a couple good ones. In this case, this was my only real favorite from the bunch...of one of my daughter's friends (aka, one of my adopted daughters) right before she was ready to serve.

Day 46 - Flowery Sympathy Card

It is funny  how in life God brings you different people and different experiences that forever change your life. We have been going to the same Life Teen mass for several years and have shared the same pew with this sweet elderly couple. As time passed we got to know them a little better. Ginny was suffering for throat cancer and has been gradually losing her battle for the past year. They are a couple who remind Dan and I of one another in height and stature. Walter is real tall and slim and Virginia is short like me and petite. They don’t have any children or local family so we bring them soup and other meals when I make them up. We also invited them for Christmas dinner, but they both came down sick and weren't able to attend. Well sadly, the day after Valentine’s Day, Ginny slipped away from Walter’s caring hands in to those of the Lord. Our hearts are saddened however we know she is at peace now. I made this card to send to Walter to let him know that we are here for him and our friendship will continue. Her services are being held in Indiana so we have no way to formally say our goodbyes. Making this card with Ginny in mind made me feel just a little better, as creating always does!

inside view...

Day 47/ Sweet Floral Sympathy

It seems that death comes in pairs or trios. Just as I finished making one sympathy card, I found the need to make one to comfort another friend who was dealing with the surprising loss of her stepdad, Jim. 
I really liked the color combinations I used on the other card, so I introduced a deeper linen CS with embossing to make this card for her. Check out my Picasa gallery for supplies.

inside view...

Although I don't have formal sketches for these cards, you can use these basic layouts 
mixed with your favorite ribbons, CS, papers, stamps and embellishments to create
lots and lots of cards for any occasion. Hope this weekend, you live life creatively!


Ree Nathan said...

What you do with colors is amazing!!!

Cheri W said...

You see what you got me started on with gifting me that paper collection! Thanks, Ree!