Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 365/Day 15 - Concert Photos

If any of you watch morning talk shows this week, you will know that The Script is an up and coming band that has opened for acts like U2 and Paul McCartney, and they have just released their second album, Science & Faith, which has already hit number 1 on the charts in Europe and is sure to skyrocket up the charts in the U.S. On Saturday, Jan. 15th I got to experience a fun girls night out in Orlando with my girls and our friend Diahn Clark watching The Script in concert at the House of Blues, a very intimate concert venue. There were no seats or rows, but if there were we would have been in about the 5th row from the stage. We all were awe struck and had a fantastic time. Today’s creative assignment was taking photos at the concert. These were just with my Lumix point and shoot camera so they aren’t high quality, however the images keep the memories of a very memorable night clear in our minds forever.

You can check out the album of photos on my facebook page!

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