Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365/Day 9 -A Photo Shoot and Gallery of Images

Sometimes you choose projects; sometimes they choose you! 
Sunday was one of those days where my daughter and her best friends gave me my assignment...
a request to take some candids of them goofing around at the beach. It was fun and creative.
We took almost 200 photos. I have them in an album on my facebook page. 
Along with some cool posed group photos, I also took some individual pictures of the girls.

Below is my favorite photo of my daughter Kai posing my the ocean.
When I shared it on my facebook page, a friend who lives in Hawaii informed 
me that my daughter’s nickname (Kai) in Hawaiian means ocean. How fitting!!! 
I will definitely be creating a scrapbook page from this one!

The start of another week of Project 365 creativity...woohoo!


Melissa Bove said...

Great shots!!! Gorgeous girls!

Cheri W said...

It was definitely fun. I can see lots of scrapbooking from this photo shoot. They have been busy picnik-ing away on these.